String, Wind instrument and Piano Solo, Piano Duo, Ensembles up to 6 instruments, Singing Solo
The last competition was held in August 2012
Prizes were distributed to:
1st Prize: - was not awarded
2nd Prize: - shared between Anastasiya Sobyanina (Piano Solo, Russia) and Carla Marrero (Violin Solo, Spain)
  3rd Prize: - Kseniia Zvereva and Anna Mosyaykina (Flute and Piano Ensemble, Russia)
: -
  : -
Prizes for the under 16 group : - were awarded to Alicia Rando (Violin Solo, Spain) and Lara Caister (Violin Solo, UK)
  The next competition will take place in August 2014. The following categories will apply:
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  Sections: Age Groups

- Piano, string, wind instrument solo (a)   - Under 11 (1)
  - Piano duo, string or wind instrument with piano (b)   - Under 16 (2)
  - ensemble up to 6 instruments (d)   - Open (3)
  - Vocal and Piano (e)    
Qualifying ages for the restricted groups are to be taken as at 1st August 2014